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As Information Systems (IS) development becomes more a function of purchasing packages or assembling components, with less emphasis on programming, student enrollment in IS courses at universities continues to decline.

Sometimes it looks like the IT revolution has moved on and left many IS researchers [ADVERB].

For example, according to Nokia, the next generation of computers will be in your pocket. About 1.3 billion mobile phones are sold each year, compared to only 300 million personal computers. An increasing number of these phones come with full-blown operating systems that let users access, organize, and use much more information than older handhelds. The mobile software market may soon exceed the current software market for computers, and a wide variety of information systems will rise on top of all the new software. However, only a relatively small percentage of IS research focuses on the mobile revolution.

Actually, many IS programs in business colleges seem impervious to the wake-up call that information schools provide. Rather, they continue to offer curricula that reflect the past rather than look toward the future. Little wonder that students, whose degrees are based on a very limited number of traditional courses in one area of study, often fail to meet their employers' expectations. With little integration across disciplines to prepare students for the complex problems they will face, organizations find it necessary to further educate those whom they hire or go abroad to seek appropriate employees with a wider range of skills and knowledge.

(Adapted from epage/2009/1009/rW_CO_ISInnovation.pdf)

A palavra que preenche corretamente a lacuna [ADVERB], no início do texto, é

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